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It is the first all-in-one, laser-based video camera. It collects and stores a complete chain of video evidence for both speeding and tailgating, along with a high-resolution image that identifies vehicle make, model and license plate number. This all gets paired with the precise speed, distance, time, location and operator ID, making all violations captured by the Laser Speed Gun practically indisputable. It can even be used to help validate seat belt use, aggressive driving and road rage. The Laser Speed Gun is the final word in traffic enforcement evidence. After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video tells the whole story. Laser Speed Gun, the Pioneer in bringing innovative traffic enforcement products in the world has developed a new such system having features unparalleled with any such type of products available in the world’s market.

It is one of the latest State-of-the-art equipment available in the market. Laser Speed Gun has integrated the world renowned Ultralyte Compact laser gun from USA with the in-house designed & developed interface unit for superimposing the Speed, Time, Date, Distance, Location etc. on the picture of the vehicle violating the speed limit of the area of its operation. The Video image then is recorded digitally in the hard disk / Digital Video Recorder system and displayed on LCD screen. Laser Speed Gun Imaging equipment is designed to accommodate the LASER, Video & interface unit for ease of operation & handling. The high resolution camera unit can take close-up view of the number plate of the violating vehicle.

The Laser Speed Gun Vision Enforcement system can be used with Digital Video Recorder cum player having inbuilt hard disk.

Working: Working of the equipment is on the easiest side. The whole unit can work in manual and automatic mode with the press of a single button.

On powering up the system by default comes to manual mode where the operator will have to manually fire the laser unit to get the speed and image of the violating vehicle. This speed will be locked on the screen of the laser unit.

On pressing the MODE key of the equipment the system will come in automatic speed testing mode wherein the operator system will have to point the laser gun at the vehicle on the vehicle and the equipment will continuously give the vehicle speed with automatic fire. The speed with number plate data captured from the equipment is available for storage in Hard disk recorder.

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